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About me

Efficiency, justice, and equity are the fundamental principles that govern my actions both in my personal and professional life. I am characterized by being a transparent, assertive, and cheerful individual in my interpersonal relationships.

In the professional sphere, I stand out for my dedication and perfectionism. I always strive for excellence in every task I undertake and distinguish myself through my originality in the implementation of strategies and approaches. My entrepreneurial and curious spirit drives me to constantly seek new learning opportunities and stay abreast of the latest trends in my specialized field: high-performance physical-sports training, with a special emphasis on strength training and soccer.

I possess a broad mastery of new technologies and methods for assessing physical performance, allowing me to obtain precise and relevant data to optimize athletes’ performance. Additionally, I am immersed in the study of performance prediction models, game analysis, and the utilization of Big Data in the sports context.

I am adept at problem-solving in any circumstance and possess an innate ability to quickly adapt to new challenges. My passion for science and the scientific method drives me to constantly seek evidence-based and grounded answers.