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About me

Hello, with all due respect, thank you for accepting my invitation, I’m Márcio Saraiva, Former Chief Physiotherapist at Volleyball Renata Campinas and Former Physiotherapist at Amil Vôlei, with the team of three-time Olympic champion Jose Roberto Guimarães, and I was a physiotherapist for Red Bull Brasil FC I am contacting you to send my resume if you need a professional with experience in the field. I was responsible for the entire creation, structuring and operation of the health and performance department at Red Bull Brasil F. C .. I worked in Brazilian tennis, Davis Cup and with MMA fighter Vitor Belfort. I have over 20 years of experience working with high-performance teams. I believe I can help a lot to achieve your goals if you give me an opportunity to work with you in the club’s already qualified health department..
Thank you very much.
I am at your disposal
Márcio Saraiva