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About me


I began my sporting career at the age of 13, eventually becoming a professional boxer. At the age of 28 hold, I started training as a boxing coach and physical Trainer instructor.

These last years I have mainly worked in france and its overseas territories.

In year 2012, I obtained a sporting licence (Bachelor’s degree) specialised in health and physical rehabilitation, and I also became certified with ISSA/USA, strength and conditioning certification.

My experience and skills were expressed in varied professional or amateur areas such as a coach; Gym club, Private clinic, individual sports (boxing, kick-boxing), physical rehabilitation and training (Soccer-Rugby etc), school, committees, organization of sports events.

My own education at very good French schools and the Ministry of Sports enabled me to attain my objectives with methodology and rigour.

I hope to be able to meet with you to discuss further.

Yours sincerely

M.RAHAL Brahim