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About me

Working in professional sport and especially in football has been my inspiration since I graduated from the University of Padua in Physical Education in 1997. Sport has always been a big part of my life professionally and personally. I am highly motivated to continue my career in professional football.

In 1995, I obtained my UEFA B Licence and in 2000 the F.I.G.C. Performance Coach Diploma that allowed me to work in a professional football team and start my career as Performance coach in Italy.

I had the opportunity to start working very soon with highly experienced professional coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, and athletes.

Because I wanted to know more about sport rehabilitation, I gained a MSc in Sport Science for Prevention and Rehabilitation in 2008, at the University of Padua. In 2018, I decided to improve my knowledge in strength training. Therefore, in 2022, I concluded the MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University. During my journey at St Mary’s, I had the opportunity to work and study with world-class fellows and world-class lecturers from all around the world. I also completed the accreditation CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) while in 2019 I completed 2 modules of UKSCA accreditation. Over the last 10 years, I have attended numerous congresses and workshops organised by the UKSCA (United Kingdom Sport and Conditioning Association) and the BASES (The British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences) in the UK.

As a Performance coach in football, I have been working with professional football teams in Italy, (Vicenza FC serie B, Pavia FC serie C Real Vicenza FC with head coach Michele Marcolini) and abroad 4 years in the United Arabic Emirates pro-league with Al Ittihad Kalba FC and Fujairah FC. During those years working with senior first team footballers, I have also improved my skills to use different technologies in football, such as GPS (especially brand GPexe, Statsport, K-sport) heart rate (Polar – Garmin). In February 2020 I was in UAE during the Covid pandemic, and this experience changed my priorities. I decided then, to work in Italy close to my city, close to my family, and focus my effort on the Master in S&C.

In my private practice, I worked as a S&C coach since 2008, planning physical performance programming to return to play or, in off season, to improve the physical level of athletes from different sports. Thanks to the work as a S&C coach in football teams dealing everyday with different professional figures, I have built a good communication and leadership skills. In January 2023, I have started a Postgraduate in Healthcare Management at the University La Sapienza in Rome to enhance my leadership and management skills.

I love to work every day with athletes, coaches, and all members of the staff. I am aware of the pressures that are typical in the elite football environment. I have always travelled a lot, and I am able to adapt very quickly to different environments. My native language is Italian, but I have a good level of English, and an intermediate level of Spanish.