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RIS Physical Therapy Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is not a high patient volume clinic. We would rather treat fewer patients and give them a greater level of attention with each visit. Our patients include the general population, fire fighters, police officers, as well as athletes from all levels of all sports.


  • Altruism: Altruism is selfless concern for the welfare of others. Altruism focuses on a motivation to help others or a want to do good without reward. Pure altruism is giving without regard to reward or the benefits of recognition.
  • Respect: Consistently demonstrating consideration or appreciation for human dignity.
  • Integrity: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral/ethical code. Integrity is the alignment, the correspondence, between what one thinks (beliefs, values), what one says to others, and what one does. This is to say, integrity exists when think = say = do. Picture each of these (think, say, do) as a circle. When the tree circles are separated, when there is no alignment between the three behaviors; the person is out of integrity. When the circles approach each other and overlap to become one circle, the person is integral. Behaviors within the concept of integrity include: honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, keeping one’s word and agreements, punctuality, ethics, fairness and justice.
  • Sincerity (honesty): The human quality of communicating and acting truthfully related to truth as a value. This includes listening, and any action in the human repertoire – as well as speaking. Superficially, honesty means simply stating facts and views as best one truly believes them to be. It includes both honesty to others, and to oneself and about ones own motives and inner reality.