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    Company Description

    The origins of Kieser extend back to 1966 in Switzerland when founder Werner Kieser opened the first Kieser centre. Werner was a boxer and a wrestler in the early 1950s. After an unfortunate boxing accident, he began to look into strength training as a way to speed his recovery. During this time, strength and resistance training was virtually unknown and Werner made it his mission to become the voice for this new type of exercise. Now, over 50 years later, there are over 130 facilities throughout Europe and Kieser is known as the world leader in strength training for health.

    Established in Melbourne in 2006, Kieser Australia is a network of integrated physiotherapy, rehabilitation and strength training centres predicated on Werner’s concept and the core principle of “Strength for Health”. Kieser is a new and exciting concept in the Australian health sector.

    We believe in unlocking the potential of every active body. Our unique fusion of health science and exercise science, highly qualified staff and world-class equipment make us one of the world leaders in strength and health training.