Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS)


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    Company Description

    Enabling Western Australian athletes to achieve international sporting success.

    Sporting Champions: Western Australian athletes achieve international success and are admired for their character.

    Guiding Principles
    WAIS will pursue its Purpose and develop strategy guided by the following principles:

    • Principle 1. International Focus: WAIS will prioritise resource allocation to support athlete performance at the international level.
    • Principle 2. Partner to Value Add: WAIS will invest in and partner National Sports Organisations (NSOs) that provide high calibre national leadership; it will allocate its resources to enhance the support provided by them to WA athletes.
    • Principle 3. Western Australian Significance: WAIS will give priority to sports important to the Western Australian community.
    • Principle 4. Community Values: High performance athletes are role models for the community and their behaviour should reflect an understanding of this responsibility.
    • Principle 5. Athlete wellbeing and safety: WAIS will make decisions and take actions that are at all times considerate of athlete mental and physical wellbeing and safety.
    • Principle 6. Government Policy Alignment: WAIS will align with Western Australian Government policy and be responsive to Federal Government sports policy.

    Our Values
    Our culture of Striving for Excellence is lived through the behaviours of athletes and staff that demonstrate: