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    William Penn Charter School is a Friends school established in 1689 by members of the Religious Society of Friends in response to a charge by William Penn. Guided by Quaker testimonies, Penn Charter is a coeducational, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, college preparatory school committed to enlivening the spirit, training the mind, cultivating the aesthetic, and developing the body.

    A school community that honors difference, Penn Charter seeks to be a place where diversity is understood, represented and valued. Our curriculum embraces a plurality of cultures and celebrates an array of voices, instilling in us a deeper understanding and empathy for individuals in this community and the world.

    We value that of God in each student and foster excellence in academics, arts and athletics. Our educational program exposes students to a breadth of content and ideas as well as opportunities for deep exploration in the pursuit of personal passion.

    Guided by research and best practices, faculty collaborate across divisions and disciplines to design and deliver engaging and relevant learning experiences. We provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a complex and changing world.

    Weekly Meeting for Worship is central to the life of the school and roots us in the Quaker belief that there is that of God in everyone. This shared belief in the unique worth of each person commits us to treating one another with love and respect.

    We embrace the deeply held concerns of Friends for justice, compassion, simplicity, integrity, and the peaceful resolution of conflict. As students progress through Penn Charter, we instill in them social responsibility to others and to the world by providing opportunities for service. We educate students to live lives that make a difference.