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    Company Description

    The Athletic Republic is the culmination of over 30 years of research and relentlessness. It’s built out of a firm belief that there is a better way to train athletes, a better way to reach peak athletic performance, and a better way to achieve athletic goals.

    Our 100+ training centers across the world have been backing up that belief by seamlessly integrating science into sports to dramatically benefit the more than 1 million athletes we’ve trained. Today, the success of our approach to an athlete’s development is reinforced by the performance of our worldwide athlete contingency and our network of training centers. There is a better way to train, and it’s here, at the intersection of sport and science.

    Athletic Republic’s evidenced-based approach to training helps athletes achieve ultimate game-day performance. Each individualized program is designed to create faster, stronger, and more explosive athletes. Our programs include the following:

    • Acceleration Training: For youth and teen athletes looking to improve their speed, power, and agility. and stamina to gain a step on the competition.
    • Endurance Training: The program is defined by speed, strength, and stability to help the runner, cyclist, swimmer, and triathlete achieve their personal best while staying healthy as their volume and intensity increases.
    • AR-FIT: This is a functional fitness workout for the active adult looking to move better, get stronger, lose weight, and stay healthier.
    • Return 2 Play: Our ACL Bridge Program ‘bridges’​ the gap between the completion of post-op physical therapy and an athlete regaining the functional independence required to return to sport.