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    UK Anti-Doping protects the right to right to enjoy doping-free sport

    UKAD is the national organisation dedicated to protecting a culture of clean sport. Every day, we are raising awareness of the issues through our extensive education and testing programme. As well as helping athletes to understand and follow the rules, we also prosecute offenders.

    Ultimately, we are working for everyone who loves sport – whether competing, training or spectating. Together, we’re creating a level-playing field where all athletes know they can compete fairly and in the true spirit of sport.

    As a leading National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO), UK Anti-Doping is responsible for:

    – delivering robust testing programmes across more than 40 Olympic, Paralympic and professional sports
    – informing and educating athletes, coaches and support personnel about their role and responsibilities towards anti-doping
    – undertaking scientific research to identify new and emerging threats of doping
    – gathering intelligence to support the fight against doping in sport
    – results management authority for the determination of anti-doping rule violations
    – playing an integral role in inspiring future generations of athletes to compete in clean sport.



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