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Company Description

We provide football data analytics products & services with data-driven player flagging and shortlisting for Scouting and accurate assessment of player performance for Performance departments of Football Clubs.

Through real-time statistics and integrated internal & external datasets, we help Football Clubs’​ Performance & Scouting departments better analyse player performances to explore the deep-lying insights and also discover talents at a young age before they get popular demanded within the football industry.

Our mission is to help Football Clubs boost their sportive performances and achieve financial savings and profits through data-driven player, team and league performance evaluations, integrating data from various sources and providing advanced data exploration and dynamic dashboards compiling 35+ leagues, 700+ teams, 30k+ players, 75k+ matches with 250+ metrics under ONE platform. Offering customizable and dynamic advanced features such as our unique Match Rating Performance Assessment Model and automated reporting processes not only provide accurate, effective and timely decision making for Scouting and Performance departments but also vastly reduce manual effort in reporting.

Real Metric Analytics also offer data analytics services in other industries to companies like Google, with data exploration guidance and data analytics and impact measurement reporting automation, through dashboard creation and data visualisation in order to help businesses achieve data-driven insights for large scale decision promising realistic success, growth and significant savings.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce data complexity, increase data quality and allow business users across your organisation access to advanced data capability to make faster and more reliable business decisions. We have the right tools to evaluate big data, but also the mind that understands the market and your business needs.