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Company Description

Our Strength & Conditioning gym in Artarmon helps athletes find the answers to elite athleticism by bulletproofing their body and instilling the confidence they need to succeed.

We live and breathe sports.

It’s what we love to talk about, be entertained by and see athletes succeed in.

Our vision is to help athletes across the globe reach higher, achieve more and stay in love with the game for longer… because there is nothing else like the love of sport.

While an athlete’s goals may change, the pursuit of improved performance never ends.

While an athlete’s goals may change from season to season, there are two things that never will.

The first constant is that every athlete wants to hold themselves to a higher standard. They want to raise the bar, push the boundaries and reach a level of performance they haven’t had before. There is always the belief that you can reach higher and achieve more.

The second is that they want to win. No athletes make the sacrifices they do so that they can turn up and lose. It’s in every elite athlete’s DNA. The desire to win is like oxygen for the soul. An athlete can’t live without it.

The only way to achieve this level of success is to develop a GamePlan unique to the individual. This GamePlan follows a simple philosophy that we turned into a training system:

Minimise The Downside (Injury) While Pursuing The Upside (Performance).

Whether you’re an aspiring amateur or Australian Olympian, this system helps athletes at any point in their career reach a higher level of performance. With our system, you will develop a bulletproof body and mindset that is ready to succeed.

Our system combines in-person coaching with virtual and mobile support so that every athlete who wants more, can achieve more.

With our performance and rehabilitation programs, you’ll always have expert guidance within reach.